Unsung Muses

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  • Flat and empty figures, left with only traces of past human existence, washed out by the waves of time lapping and crashing over them.

    People from the past lose definition and personality and merge together. With the world changing so fast, it is difficult to understand someone from 50 years ago, let alone 4,000, particularly with the changing role of women. However, these people are our past, they are part of us; their lives led the way for us coming into being in our full 21st century understanding.

    Constructed individually, with their own personal elements, giving them their own personas, these figures are connected to the past by the recycling of fabric from earlier projects and precious fragments of favourite clothing, imbuing them with hints of unknown memories; joined together by a shared language of shape and symbol. A memorial to those who went before, whom I will never know nor comprehend.

    The Unsung Muses series has developed to include both installations and wall pieces, large and small. It is on-going as I continue exploring ancient female goddess sculptures and how we have lost the knowledge and meaning of these objects.

    To date, parts of the series have been exhibited in a number of places, including the Festival of Quilts, Birmingham. I also offer a talk about the development of this work.