Balfron Pom Pom Blossom Festival

  • In 2013, as part of the inaugural FABFEST! arts festival in Balfron, we needed something to broadcast our presence to the village, so that no-one could say ‘but I didn’t know it was happening’. We have no gallery space in the village so an exhibition wasn’t possible and I came up with the idea of a PomPom Blossom Festival, whereby we would get lots of people to make PomPoms and we would hang them from trees across the village during the month of the Festival. Each tiny PomPom had its own little label attached with the name of the maker and a word supplied by them (or by me if they didn’t come up with one). Each PomPom was photographed and added to our blog. I don’t think I realised what a large project I had undertaken as I publicised, logged and organised the hanging of all of the PomPoms! The initial goal was 1,000 PomPoms and in the end we received over 2,400 from over 340 groups and individuals across the UK and abroad.

    Over the first days in June, all the PomPoms were hung from the trees by groups of volunteers and it became a major talking point in the village, encouraging people to talk to each other and make them smile.

    It was featured in many publications including the Glasgow Herald, Rowan’s e-magazine and Making.

    The PomPoms also visited Stirling for the Stirling Fringe Festival in September 2013 and some have been passed on to other yarn bombing projects. If you want a PomPom or 10, please get in touch!